Monday, October 17, 2016

Ron Cole's Zanesville, Ohio Art Sponsorship Program

About Ron Cole

Ron Cole is a professional artist, designer, and businessman from Los Angeles, California. His accomplishments from a young age include co-hosting a nationally syndicated television program, working as the staff artist for a global magazine, and designing photo-etched industrial products - all while still in high school. In Los Angeles, Ron worked for many years in the film industry as a model maker, character designer, and artist. Ron also designed and constructed working models and prototypes for the toy industry, most notably for Mattel's 'Hot Wheels' and 'Barbie My Scene's' lines. Working in the aerospace industry, Ron built both scale and full size working models for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), McDonnell Douglas, and other large companies. As a 3D modeler and 2D artist, Ron helped bring to life many resorts and high rises in Las Vegas, including the High Roller Ferris wheel at the LINQ. Before going into business for himself, Ron was a senior director with Pittsburgh's Davison Design's 'Inventionland'. In 2008, he founded HiDef Design and Cole's Aircraft art. Choosing to focus primarily upon his fine art experience, by 2015, Cole's Aircraft had grown into the world's largest single-artist 'aviation/historical art' web store with over 35,000 followers on Facebook.      

Shortly after finding a new home in Zanesville, Ohio in 2012, Ron opened his first brick-and-mortar gallery in the city's historic downtown Masonic Temple Building. In 2016, he opened Gallery Luminaria in the same building. Renovated to 'bring a little LA' to the location, the new space focuses both upon his own work and provides a bright and inviting place for other area artists to display their work. Events are held regularly, including participation in Zanesville's First Friday Art Walk, where there is always music, food & drinks, and a good crowd. 

Sponsorship Program (Gallery Luminaria)

Besides the running of his business, Ron Cole hopes to provide opportunities to new and aspiring artists in the Zanesville, Ohio area. His gallery provides a large, bright, space in a central location, just off Interstate 70 and located between the county courthouse and city hall. 

Ron's Gallery Luminaria sponsorship program is unique in Zanesville, as Ron not only provides space in his gallery but also promotes the sponsored work of others online. "I show people how to create a brand; how to look professional, create a Facebook Page, sponsor ads, reach their audiences, design logos and stand out." Ron also photographs and professionally retouches images, and scans and digitizes 2D artwork from which Giclee' prints can be created or shared online. "I create all of my own prints in-house (up to 24x48 inches, on paper or canvas). I offer that as a service, part of my program, to the artists I sponsor. I also frame some of their favorites to show." Nobody else offers so much, and the cost to the sponsor is nothing. "If one of my sponsored artists sells a framed piece of theirs that I made for them, in my gallery or elsewhere, I'll only ask to be compensated for the cost of the frame."

The Gallery Luminaria program is intended to help launch new careers for its participants, and doesn't stop at one gallery showing or single event. "There is so much talent here, and I don't know how many times I'll talk to someone, see their work, and know they could be doing something more with it if that's their true desire. 

In the near future, Ron plans to add new perks to his program, including an online store devoted to selling the works of other area artists - both original paintings and prints - following the business model of his own stores. 


If you are interested in talking to Ron Cole about his art or his gallery program, feel welcome to call or email at any time, and all are welcome to visit and experience Gallery Luminaria every first Friday of every month in the Masonic Temple Building - from 5:00 to 8:30 pm - on the 4th floor. 

More about Gallery Luminaria 

Call: 330.883.2493

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