Monday, September 5, 2016

Ron Cole's Art Gallery in Downtown Zanesville, Ohio

Ron Cole's Gallery Luminaria

Located in the historic Masonic Temple Building in downtown Zanesville, OH

38 North 4th Street - Rooms 420 - 422

Ron Cole's painting of the Zanesville, Ohio Masonic Temple Building c. 1926
While over 90% of my sales and business is conducted online through my stores and social media, I opened my brick & mortar art gallery in downtown Zanesville, Ohio in 2014. Not a commercial venture, it's nevertheless the only place to physically view my work that is on permanent display, and I do offer my limited edition prints and many of my World War II aircraft relic displays for sale on site.

Mostly, however, my gallery is a cozy and atmospheric place for people to gather and enjoy a pleasent evening among art, photography, music and drink. In recent months I've surrendered most of my wall space to new and aspiring local talents who seek to display and sell their work. The first Friday of every month is always a terrific time, as my gallery participates in the local art walk and I always go overboard by bringing in new work and hosting some amazing musical talent. It's the one evening a month when I can leave the business of my business at home and just have a good time with friends and family.  

First Friday Art Walk event in Ron's gallery

Doctor Laura Schumann performing in Gallery Luminaria for a First Friday event

The photography of Carrie Turner on display
In early 2016 I began a sponsorship program that was intended to help local artists get some exposure and see if a professional career in their field was something they wanted to pursue. I wasn't the first established artist to offer such support, but I took it several steps further by offering my printing and framing services at no cost, and providing online marketing within social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Since then I've sponsored many talents, most of whom had never displayed their work before and were so excited to sell their first pieces through my gallery. It's also been nice to provide other established professionals with a new outlet to show their alternative works in a setting such as I've been able to provide.

If you are able to visit Zanesville for a First Friday Art Walk event - don't miss out on the opportunity. Not only is my Gallery Luminaria always open (from 5 until 8, though usually open later), but most every gallery in our building is also showing and part of the festivities.
The 'B-25 Bomber Bar' serving drinks during a gallery event

My gallery is permanently located in downtown Zanesville, Ohio in the historic Masonic Temple Building (38 North 4th Street) on the 4th floor. My hours are currently by appointment (Phone: 330.883.2493) and I'm open from 5 pm until 8 pm every first Friday of the month. I'm always looking for new local artists to sponsor. If you're from Zanesville or the surrounding area, visit my Gallery Luminaria Program page online for more information about what I offer, or contact me via email.

- Ron Cole

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  1. A fabulous display of arts with impressive work! You are doing a great service for these less known artists which will surely help them to gain some recognition.