Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ron Cole's All Time Best Sellers

PAA Boeing 314 Yankee Clipper, Aviation Art Print
by Ron Cole

My classic 314 remains my all-time best seller among over 150 aviation art compositions that I've painted in recent years. There seems to be something about it; a nostalgia and a mood. Everyone has a place in their heart for this period of pre-war history and innovation. I've been told I captured both in this piece. Originally a commission, it led to a series of classic PAA airliners and a full calendar for the Pan American Airlines Historical Foundation in 2015.

P-51D Mustang & Messerschmitt Me 262, WWII Aircraft Relic Display
by Ron Cole

I'm probably best known for my unique WWII aircraft relic displays that combine my artwork with pieces of aluminum skin from the historic combat aircraft depicted in my paintings. The parts I include come from all over the world; from archaeological digs in Europe to restoration shops and museums. I don't acquire pieces unless their history is documented. All of this is blended together in wall-hanging displays that I sign and number. Each is unique. My 'Axis & Allied' 13x19 display combines two famous aerial opponents: the Me 262 jet fighter and the P-51 Mustang. I've released over 40 different series of displays covering all theaters and most aircraft types of World War II.

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  1. your blog really produces a passion in me flying. Thank you for doing such a great job here and i am totally hooked and remain inclined to see what you post next. Keep it up.

  2. your love for the aviation industry is evident in this post. the breakdown of the jets and carriers you have mentioned are pretty detailed. keep up the good work!